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Brompton folding bike in public transport & ICE

Brompton folding bike in public transport & ICE

Brompton folding bike in public transport & ICE

The inventor of the Brompton folding bike, Andrew Ritchie, recently mentioned in an interview that he has developed a good bike with the Brompton that can be folded up and taken anywhere in 15 seconds. Here, the emphasis is on “a good bike”, because, despite the small tires and the apparently smaller frame, it does not have to shy away from a conventional city and touring bikes.

There are many reasons for not using a bicycle as a major means of transport in rush hour traffic, especially if the commute is too long to cycle the entire route. Here, for example, The Brompton Folding Bike: ideal for driving on public transport to cover longer distances, the shorter part of the commute can be covered with the Brompton. Especially during long sitting activities, the daily exercise by bicycle is a good physical balance.

The Brompton folding bike has been developed, among other things, for taking along in public transport and in long-distance trains. With its packing dimensions of 60x60x30 cm, the Brompton fits into any luggage rack or under the seat. When you arrive at your destination, the folded folding bike fits into the office or hotel room and is therefore safe from theft.

This folding bike convinces with its stability and its easy handling. It can easily be driven with up to 130 kg body weight. Within 15 seconds, the folding bike is folded into a small piece of hand luggage and can be taken away and stowed in public transport free of charge.

The Brompton folding bike is made of steel and titanium and is therefore extremely unbreakable. Other folding wheels are made of less stable material such as e.g. Aluminum built so that it can be easier to dangerous frame breaks.

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