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Brompton & Sailing

With the folding bike on sailing trip

The Brompton folding bike was used in the 1990s in Germany mainly in the boat sector. With its compact packing dimensions of 60 x 60 x 30 cm, it fits into any back box when folded and is easily stowed away on a motor or sailboat. Its lightweight (on average about 11.5 kg) makes the Brompton the perfect companion on the boat for shore excursions.

The Brompton folding bike can easily take the comparison with other city and even touring bikes. Thanks to the small wheels it drives even faster than conventional city or touring bikes. For shore excursions, bags can be easily hung with the support block on the front of the frame and off you go.

This folding bike is also perfect for long trips on the excursion combination by train or bus. Folds easily in 15 seconds and most countries do not require a ticket to take Brompton. After a long bike ride, the last kilometers can easily be covered by public transport. All in all, the Brompton folding bike is the perfect complement to sailing trips: small, compact, maneuverable, light, stable, and extends the radius for shore excursions.

If you would like to learn more about using the Brompton Folding Bike on boat tours, we cordially invite you to our regular events, such as recently. to the documentary “Untie the Lines – between wind forces and willpower

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